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ROUTE 128, the beltway that first encircled Boston more than 60 years ago, was the first home to what eventually came to be known as "high tech." With the strong industrial base in the communities through which it passes and close proximity to schools such as MIT and Harvard, Route 128 became synonymous with technology. More than just the first modern beltway, it became a blueprint for economic development in the second half of the 20th century. The companies that clustered around it and around Greater Boston put in place many of the technologies as well as the business systems that have been emulated globally ever since. Today, the region remains a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship, albeit now far less well known than the vastly larger Silicon Valley.  Techneum aims to record and celebrate an epic past while also providing resources and connections to build a vibrant future.  It will serve as a regional hub--underscoring the vitality of Greater Boston and the historic Route 128 beltway area.
Current efforts are focused on project definition and early-stage funding commitments. Please contact us for more information.
         -- Alan R. Earls

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