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ROUTE 128:

America's First High Tech Region

Before there was Silicon Valley....


Based on the research strengths of the region's universities as well as a diverse, mature, and entrepreneurial industrial base, the world's first "high tech" industrial cluster began during and just after the Second World War in the vicinity of Boston, Massachusetts. This development coincided with the creation of the first modern betlway, Route 128, to which many of the new tech companies moved. This web site offers resoureces for learning about the history of the Route 128 region as well as its present and future.

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Talking Innovation

I'm Alan Earls and I've been passionate about the tech 

history of Greater Boston

since the 1980s when I

covered the "Massachusetts

Miracle" as editor of Mass

High Tech newspaper. Recently I contributed to  Dr Bob Krim's magisterial

book, Boston Made, 

about the region's

amazing 400-

year history of 

innovation and


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