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Route 128 Today


Just as in its foundational years, the Route 128 story is about far more than what's going on along the beltway. Innovation is happening all over Eastern New England, from the biomedical cluster in the Kendall Square area near MIT to Southern New Hampshire and Maine.


In general, what constitutes "high tech" has grown more diverse around the region. Research, development, and manufacturing related to biotech, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment has grown. Internet related companies are also well represented. And, crucially, the region remains a vital and active source of innovations and startups.


The links below provide some indication of this vibrancy:





128 Innovation Capital Group


Cambridge Community Coworking Collaboration


Cambridge Innovation Center


Future Forward


Massachusetts BioTechnology Council


Mass Innovation Nights


Massachusetts High Technology Council


Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council


Massachusetts Software Council


North Shore Technology Council


MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge


MIT Gordon Engineering Leadership Program


MIT Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship


Nantucket Conference


Piranha Pond



Tech Generation (Beta)


TechSandbox: Metrowest Innovation Hub


The Indian Entrepreneurs-Boston


The Venture Forum


Venture Fizz Technology Entrepreneurship




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